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Facebook Live Alert

Hello People - Hope Everyone is off to a nice Summer - its definitely starting to SIZZLE!

I am doing a LIVE market update for everyone to tell you about how things are going in the market. What is happening in our area and the surrounding areas. This will include our crystal ball of what the future hold for real estate. Will is continue to be a good place to park your money.... (DAY and TIME and LOCATION Below)

Private Listing Alert: is READY TO SHOW - FOR SALE - zoned to Campbell in Greatwood- 4 Beds, 3.5 Baths, Pool, Covered Summer Kitchen, Gameroom and a ROCKSTAR BACKYARD!!!!

OPEN HOUSE ALERTS: Saturday, June 12 @ 2-4PM 1. Crossing - 811 Deer Hollow 2. Woodcreek - 1806 Cross Spring 3. Forest - 1507 Azalea Bend


Our BOGO SALE starts this week - Ask me about this and you will save $$$ and your sale will be quick and easy!

Don’t forget about the - Audra O’Neal - Empty Nestor Special!!!

Need Repairs - NO PROBLEM - we have our own contractors that make your HOME - SHOW READY for TOP DOLLAR!

If you want to have a private chat about the market and where we are going and how its changing every week, please call me or DM! (713) 410-7009

Live Market Update with Audra O’Neal on My Team FB Page - Friday, June 18th @10AM :

Friday, June 18th @10AM

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