• Audra O'Neal

Here are some great last minute costume ideas, just incase Halloween snuck up on you too...

Life happens, and before you know it you've got two days until Halloween and no costume! Don't panic we've got you! Here are some fun and easy last minute costume ideas we found, that won't break the bank or leave you wearing a "this is my costume" T-shirt.

1. Mary Popins and Bert

Grab a blazer a white button down shirt, dark skirt, some black tights, and the classic red ribbon around your neck, and you'll be singing "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" in no time! Add an oversized bag and umbrella for that extra Mary Poppins touch!

As for your chimney sweeping friend, mens dress pants, a vest and a little soot colored eye shadow and you'll have a Bert look alike in a snap. Hand the man a broom and consider this costume DONE!

2. The Classic Nerd

Suspenders, a t-shirt, and your favorite "high water" pants, make this costume super quick fun,and easy. Wrap some white tape around an old pair of glasses and voila, your Nerd costume is complete! Feel free to add on any accessories you may have on hand, ex. calculator, pocket protector, fanny pack, etc.

3. Bubble Gum

This one is SO cute! Simply sew a bunch of different colored pom poms onto a white t-shirt and pair it with red pants or leggings, make a cut out of a gum ball dispenser door and add it to the bottom of the t-shirt and POP this costume is finished!

4. Emoji

Purchase a yellow tutu and t-shirt (you can normally find both of these at Party City) paint the eyes and mouth of your favorite emoji on the t-shirt, and that's IT! You can always add on some fun accessories too, like sunglasses, a boa, or yellow gloves and knee socks would be super cute!

5. The Weather Reporter

This is one of our favs and probably one of the easiest! Get an old umbrella or you can grab one from the Dollar Store and bend it all out as if it was windswept (with our weather you may already have one that looks like this) simply dress your little meteorologist in his or her most professional looking outfit, add a couple pieces of paper, and some messy hair to help create that windswept look, and your kiddo is ready to report LIVE!

6. Little Willie Nelson

Need we say more...this is just too cute for words! To re-create this look, pull out the classic red bandana that we all most likely have somewhere in our closet, purchase some yarn in a few different shades of grey and make some "Willie" style braids, attach them to the inside of the bandana. Use some grey colored face paint for the scruffy beard, throw on some jeans and a black shirt, grab a guitar and start singing!

7. The Cat Lady

We all know at least one crazy cat lady, but I bet you've NEVER seen one this cute! This is the puuuuuurfect last minute costume idea by Design Dazzle, because you probably already have everything at home to make it! Let your kiddo put on their favorite jammies and bathrobe, attach some of their cat stuffed animals to the robe (you can use safety pins for this) have one extra special kitty for them to hold, put some rollers in their hair, add some sandals and your little cat lady is ready to collect that candy! Best part is when all the fun is over they are already dressed for bed! HA!!

This could also work for an adult costume too! Add some extra pizzaz and this could be a costume contest winner!


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