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What do you have to do to sell in this market?

This information could change your life for the better!

Call our team at (281) 972-8200 if you're thinking of buying or selling in this market.

Answers to questions above:

  1. “Where the heck will I go?” - This depends on your situation and what you want; more space, another room, 2-story, 1-story, a pool, 5 bedrooms, are you having more babies, are your babies leaving. We talk with you about options that will be best for you, and we find a plan to get your there without the risks of being homeless.

We also find a way for you to buy without a contingency so YOU can win in this market! We have several people in our world that give you the peace of mind to take this step in this market.

2. “Will I have to pay a lot to buy something in this market?”

Yes, this is a possibility - does that matter if you can change your life with the equity from the sale of your home? We must weigh the good versus paying more for what you want. This is case by case based on what is going on in your life.

One thing Covid taught us is to GO GET WHAT YOU WANT, life is too short to wait for the things you want to come to you!

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