Pranesh PJ Jayaprakash

Buyer Specialist

Pranesh "PJ" Jayaprakash is a top buyer’s agent for the Audra O’Neal Team. PJ grew up in Sugar Land, in the beautiful community of New Territory, and then went on to excel at Baylor University; where he attained his Bachelor of Science degree. Shortly after graduating, he found his passion for real estate and helping others. Combining these two passions, PJ has worked hard to become one of the finest agents in the Houston area. PJ continues to build his clientele through his firmly rooted belief, “Relationships over Transactions" and by guiding all of his clients in the proper direction of finding their dream home. Beyond real estate, PJ spends several evenings a week helping students excel in higher level mathematics and volunteering as a youth basketball coach. Please call PJ anytime; as he is always ready to help you with your real estate needs!

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