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5 Things to Expect When Selling Your Home

With Audra O'Neal

1) Comparative Market Analysis

We use the data from the MLS (multiple listing service) to find the best comparable properties in your area.  We don't create the prices, we show the buyers all the attributes of your home and show them the value in what they get for their money through research and marketing. 

2) Net Sheet

What do you have to pay for as a seller, we will give you an itemized seller net sheet of what fees are negotiable and what you are expected to pay as a seller.  Most importantly what YOU get to take to the bank!

3) Comprehensive Marketing Plan

The biggest difference you'll notice about our team when you compare us to other realtors, is how much we commit to and invest in Marketing. 

And to defend this practice, I'll just ask you one question. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound?

If you list your home, and it isn't marketed, and no one knows it's there, does it sell?

Okay... so that was two questions, but you get our point. These days, everything is online, and just listing your home on HAR or Zillow along with thousands of other identical homes makes about the same impact that a drop of water makes in the ocean. You need to stand out, and boy, do we make you stand out. 

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4) Team Effort

You may have noticed, but we're a team. We're not just Audra O'Neal selling houses. We're Audra O'Neal (a seriously talented and experienced realtor) PLUS experienced and trained team members who are just as passionate about real estate as Audra!

But get this: all that extra work and no extra pay. Yes, we cost the exact same as one person working part time. That's more than 300 hours a week for FREE.

And that's not even counting the seemingly infinite hours Audra works a week.

Talk about the deal of the century.

5) What Next... 


Buying a Home

With Audra O'Neal

I'm going to say this real loud, for the ones in the back... Buyer's Representation is FREE. Their commission comes from the seller.

That means you have someone:

Protecting you and your family

Making sure you get the best price

Making sure all your needs are met

Who knows where to look

Who knows what to expect from the market

Next... What Are You Looking For?
What Types of Properties are You Interested in?
How Many Beds Do You Need?
How Many Stories?
The Kitchen Needs...
My Yard Needs...
The Area Needs

Now... What Can I Expect?

Here's a Play-by-Play


Renting vs. Buying


The question “should I rent, or should I buy” is common for prospective homeowners.  Generally speaking, it is better for you to buy, rather than rent a house.


To examine in detail the rent vs buy question, let’s look at a real life situation.  In 2014 in Fort Bend County in the neighborhood of Greatwood, you could rent a 2,400 sqft. home for around $0.88/sqft. or $2112.  When you rent, the owner of the home has a hazard insurance policy to cover the structure, buy you will need to purchase a renters insurance policy to cover your contents (furniture, clothing, etc)  So in this example, let’s add another $50 for renters insurance, so your total monthly payment will be $2162.


Now let’s look at the option of buying this same size house in the same neighborhood.  Generally speaking, a 2,400 sq ft home would cost you around $110/sq ft, or $264,000.  Assuming a conventional loan with 5% down, doing an 80/15/5 loan (80% 1st mortgage, 15% 2nd mortgage, and 5% down), 30 year note, with a 4.5% note rate, your estimated monthly payment for both loans (1st and 2nd mortgages), taxes, insurance, and HOA dues (homeowners association dues) would be around $2125


There are lots of moving parts here, and any of them can change at any given time.  But, as you can see from this example, on a monthly basis, buying a home will not cost you any more than renting.  As a homeowner, you enjoy many benefits of home ownership, including (1) a tax deduction for the interest on your mortgage payment, and, hopefully, (2) the appreciation of the property.


The Audra O’Neal Team is here to help you understand the benefits of buying vs renting.  If renting makes sense for your situation, we will certainly advise you of that.  However, if buying makes more sense, then we will love to help you purchase your new home – even if you are a first time homeowner, or if you are purchasing a new home from a builder.  Having a realtor assist you along the way has so many advantages, and best of all, our services to the buyer are FREE!


Call us today, and let’s start working together to find your dream home.



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Investing in Real Estate can bring you Passive Income, Build Wealth, and Deliver Financial Freedom to. 

Is this a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate?

YES!  Generally speaking, the Texas market is incredibly stable. Especially when housing prices rise & fall in other parts of the country, Texas stays reliable. To this same point, the mix of the Houston economy and unique zoning laws has made an amazing environment for investing in real estate. For being one of the largest city in the country, the cost of living remains shockingly low.

Therefore, this a great time to buy investment properties.  ROI (return on investment) for real estate investing usually far exceeds that of traditional stock market returns.



What areas should I be looking at for investment property?


The truth is that markets are constantly “shifting”, and what might be an attractive rental market today, might not be that attractive five years from now.  When you work with The O’Neal Team, we provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help make sure your investment property decision a smart one.



Do I have to purchase with cash?


No.  Traditional lending is a great option, and we have an Amazing Lender on our team that can answer any and all of your questions whether they're nitty-gritty or super general like "Where Do I Even Start?" Whether this is your first investment property, or your fifth, The Audra O’Neal Team can help you move forward into this new financial venture.

I have no experience - how do I get started?


Call us, Call us, Call us. We'll talk about it! We'll help you crunch the numbers, make sure you are making the best financial choices, decide how big to go, which toe to dip in, and when a great investment opportunity arrises in your area. 


We will help you identify ALL of the costs of the transaction to make sure you understand what your cash flow should be, and we also help you manage your properties going forward. We aren’t just here for the sale. Our relationship with you extends well beyond the closing date of your investment property.



Audra O'Neal is Relocation Certified



We are Relocation Certified. The Audra O’Neal Team specializes in relocation and is certified with most agencies.  We have a team that is well equipped to handle the additional paperwork to ensure success for all parties. All you have to do is put us in touch with your "Relo Company" and we will take it from there. 

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